The Grand Council of Feudal Lords and Barons

The Grand Council of Feudal Lords and Barons was established as a permanent organisation to deal with all affairs of the Honour and Dignity of the feudal Lordship and Barony. Its principal objects are to:

  1. act as a common voice for Lords of the Manor and Barons
  2. provide a networking opportunity for prominent citizens to develop their business and social contacts
  3. help members protect the value and prestige of Lordships of the Manor and feudal Baronies
  4. assist members in using their Lordship/Barony with confidence
  5. encourage charitable activities
  6. educate the public about the realities of manorial titles and manorial title law
  7. combat abuses of manorial status and titles
  8. encourage the study and celebration of England's feudal history and heritage
  9. to maintain Charitable Trust(s) with objects enabling significant contributions to be made to worthwhile causes in the community at large and generally unconnected with feudal Lordships.

Membership of the Grand Council is open to anyone - both those holding or using a feudal Lordship title AND those with an interest in our feudal and mediaeval history. We are independent of all the various 'sellers' of feudal titles in the market, and rejoice in the fact that there is so much interest in manorial and feudal history and research.

A guide to the pitfalls

Acquiring a feudal title is fraught with pitfalls and dangers. These easily catch out the wary and the cautious, so the unwary are especially vulnerable.Most solicitors have no knowledge on the subject. Some who claim to be experts have been found to contradict themselves depending on which 'client' they are acting for. Unfortunately the main legal textbook costs £165, and like all legal textbooks doesn't easily divulge straightforward answers.

Fortunately there is now a 'simple' (and cheaper) starter for ten that will help you avoid the main dangers. Published by our Castellan it is available for only £5.99. If you plan to spend thousands on a title, this could save you wasting your time and money. Click here to get your copy.